Thursday, November 13, 2008

..thro' the crack in the door ..

Through the crack in the door, I saw Elaine studying for her very very last exam, this evening.
The very last !!! She qualified last year for her B Com Marketing degree at the University of Johannesburg and is now completing her Honours ... and tomorrow is the last exam - although it's not completely over as she has to do a 6 months internship ... and then she will have her Honours degree.

She has done extremely well and achieved fantastic marks throughout, even obtaining a scholarship to go to Sweden for 6 months last year which was an honour and a wonderful experience.

We are very very proud of you, sweetie pie .... and good luck for the last one !!!


  1. She has done well! J told me! Just love that crack in the door! Good luck Elaine and enjoy celebrating not having to study!