Friday, December 11, 2009

Skywatch Friday :

This is Uva Mira Wine Estate ..
.. the highest wine estate in the Stellenbosch region of the Cape in South Africa ..

.. which is well known for it's Chardonnay ..

.. and spectacular views (a little hazy on this day) of False Bay with the mountains in the background, one of which is the side view of Table Mountain and if you look to the extreme left along the horizon there is Cape Point ...

For more spectacular skies around the world go to Skywatch


  1. Lovely sky skies with cirrus clouds. Luscious greenery soothes my eyes.

    I like the second photo, the wine glass made a chic impression. :)

    Those are wonderful sceneries. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Avril. Thanks for dropping by my Nurse on Call blog.

    Here's my skywatch:

    happy skywatching and happy weekend.

  3. I have had problems leaving comments again, but I have so enjoyed your blogs about the Cape. My camera has been giving problems, so when I was in CT on Monday I couldn't take any photographs. I sat at a little coffee shop overlooking the harbour, smelling the sea, sipping on my sauvignon blanc and listening to an old man play Christmas carols on his sax. It was heavenly!

  4. Need I tell u where I would love to be right now??

    Last night Heinz came home and asked how would I feel about going home for was a last minute thought he had, so we looked up for flights and all we not going, but for a moment I got very excited at the thought.

  5. You just made me very jealous!
    Okay, okay. There IS a little blue spot here and there in between all the dark grey.

  6. I wish I was closer to Cape Town so that I could enjoy the beautiful Boland and it's wine estates more.