Sunday, October 12, 2008

At Carl and Nicole's

How do you get the writing on top - ie you start typing your text then you put a photo, then you type more text at the bottom of it. This automatically goes under the photo. How do you label the photo too? Now I shall try and add another photo and see what happens.
OK - I see it gets added on top of the first one !!
Will try one more - am I allowed to put in photos of other children like Joshua (isn't he cute?) No - it won't let me add any more - I tried to change the title while it was downloading and the download 'thing' disappeared and now it won't let me do it. Note to self - don't try that again !!

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  1. what you do, is add the photos and then type around them. You can add lines before and after the photos.
    You can also add more than one at a time - on the photo popup select "add" or something like that, and it'll let you look for more.
    To add a title to a photo, just add a line before the photo, and type in the heading and highlight it and centre it.
    I'll help you a bit tomorrow.