Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekly Winners : 21 - 27 Dec

Connor taking a 'photograph' of me - he's getting the idea!! At least it's not in his mouth .. as he used to do ..

A dolly .. my very first dolly! (Erin)
Anticipating delight ..

Ooooohh !!

Smile for the camera !

Party pooper !

A quiet moment
Blow !!!

.. and blow !!

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  1. Hehe lots of photos of me this week :)
    Love the one with dad opening his gift.

  2. Is that little guy just not too cute for words....the penny dropped the other day...YOU ARE JEANETTE'S MOM!!!
    how wonderful that both mom and daughter share the same passions, photography and blogging. I have two girls and both think I'm crazy to blog, one will not allow me to mention her in my blog either, it makes it very hard for me as I want to share..thats what we mom's and gran's want to do!!!!
    You have such precious grandchildren and I agree, grandkids are the best!!
    Enjoy your Avril..its our right ;)

  3. Yup !! Jeanette's my eldest daughter !! She was the one who persuaded me to start a blog and helps me all the time - I am 'computer illiterate' and need help often!

  4. These are great!

    It's nice to see Jenty on the other end of the camera! LOL

  5. My comment was stolen by Marclle!! My penny dropped too, I recognized the little boy from Jeanette's blog and I had a lightbulb moment!! LOL! Lovely!!!

  6. Oh goodness me this confused me! I was like "HUH thats Jeanettes Connor"

    VERY VERY cool pictures! Love the one of Bradley blowing the ball!

  7. LOL My toddler does the exact same thing with our tripod. I think it was last weeks winners that I used a similar photo. Hey, gotta start them early.

    Great shots this week!

  8. These are such great shots! Looks like lots of fun.

  9. I noticed Jeanette & her boys too & put 2 & 2 together! These are great pics of treasured family times :)