Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Winners - 7 - 13 Dec

Peeking in at Jeanette's makeshift photo 'studio' .. without my flash (I didn't want to spoil her photo!)

Another peek ... photographing Bradley's dinosaur bone excavations!

Connor fishing !

Watering Granny's garden

A handful of shells ..... I ALWAYS bring back a handful of shells from our beach holidays .... sometimes just a few .. sometimes quite a few!

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  1. Love the fishing shot! What's he fishing for?
    and Erin's face is just too cute!

  2. I also have a make shift studio when I take my photo's....LOL...its actually nice to see the other side and not always the end result...

    Love all your shots!
    I am struggling to understand my new camera at the moment...
    Am sure will get there with practise.

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  4. I love every single picture!! Especially love the ones of Jenty photographing!!