Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Winners : 18 - 24 July

I was so delighted to receive a gorgeous bunch of flowers from hubby's cousin when they joined our celebration for his 60th birthday last Sunday ..

... petals perfectly pink ...

... furled from the inside out ...

... with a whiter shade of green ..

... a greener shade of green .... (and must add here .. whenever Connor passes the vase of flowers he says ... "I love green flowers" .. strange child !)

... and a greener shade of white .... (lucky me .. Elaine also gave me a gorgeous bunch of St Joseph lilies !! :)
Is it spring? This yellow weaver thinks so .. one or two warmish days and the birds are busy ....
... still looking up ... I loved this delicate twirly chandelier which hung above our heads at a Winter Wine Evening ...

... back to ground level ... when boys are quiet you wonder what they're up to - I spotted Connor playing on his own in the garden ..

... lining up his cars on the garden bench ..

His cars didn't need batteries ..... but his mommy did ... Jeanette had a power failure at their house the night before a wedding where she was taking photos, so dashed over - in her jarmies -to recharge all the batteries for the camera equipment ..
Finally .. I must add this photo ... taken by a friend last Sunday at my hubby's 60th birthday ...


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  1. Stunning!! Stunning!! Love the flowers and especially the family photo, too precious!!!

  2. I had to do a double take of the chandelier. I would have sworn it was actually water! Great shots!

  3. Yay we finally have a family photo with all the kids :)

  4. What a handsome family you have!

  5. the chandelier is stunning! great set.

  6. Those pink flowers are stunning...well captured

    Love the bench photo with the cars...creative

    good to have a family photo on a special occasion..

    I'm waiting to see Jeanette's pics of the sure they are awesome!

  7. It was nice to catch up on what you've been up to. Loved the family photo (and the ones of Connor of course!) Judging from the clothing you all wear in the family photo, winter looks very mild in SA?

  8. We have had lovely summery winters weather lately and its been great to spend some time outside. Perhaps your weaver is starting early. You know what they say. The early bird catches the worm... or in his case the best female?

  9. Those flowers are gorgeous! Those pinks are just so cheery.

  10. Lovely Shots! I love the fresh flowers with the pink, greens, and white together. My favorite shots are the moments captured with Connor playing on the bench. So Sweet!