Thursday, June 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday : "I'm leaving .. on a jet plane ...."

From the runway at Cape Town airport - looking across to Stellenbosch and Helderberg Mountains, where we visited wine estates. The lower hills in the middle of picture is where the Zevenvacht Wine Estate is located. My Mum and I went there for a lovely lunch on one my previous visits ...

Lift off ... with the side of Table Mountain with it's 'table cloth', in the distance ...

Above the clouds with False Bay in the distance ...

... and below - mountains ...

.... and valleys ...

... before we fly towards rain clouds ...

... no more sky to watch .. just clouds and raindrops on the window ..
but there are more skies from around the world on the Skywatch link here


  1. Oh I love looking at the clouds from above too! I hope you had a great trip.

  2. Excellent flight clouds and it was great to see the mountain veiled like that.

  3. Avril,
    those are beautiful photos...I bet your flight was very enjoyable seeing that kind of beauty..

  4. lovely clouds! literally sky watching! you must have really enjoyed the trip!

  5. Cool Skywatch post. I have never sat through a flight with my camera in hand like that. Time to do so.

  6. Hi Avril
    These are great... but made me dizzy... I get really queasy with heights and I've only been able to fly the once... still I enjoyed these views.. and the table cloth.. :O)

  7. WOW! Great sky photos. My girls will love these. I can't wait to show them.

  8. Beautiful skies, great shot. I liked your comment about a tablecloth for Table Mountain.

    This is no wonderful to sit here and see the skies from all the corners of the world.



  9. Nice views. So that's what I'll see flying out of CT. Nice post and captures.

  10. On one of my trips back to Germany after a holiday with family in CT with my daughter driving me to the airport, she played that song in your blog title...I wanted to cry then and now again as it brought back all the memories of that morning leaving my loved ones behind, heading back to Heinz waiting for me in Germany.

    I love that sight when flying in to CT before my holiday but hate it when I leave and look down and know my whole family are there below me...such an emotional time leaving always.

    About the comment you left in my blog reguarding my mouth guard...I am told I grind my front teeth so this hard plastic is to prevent that from happening, to save my teeth, when I asked why it was not soft and rubbery I was told that with grinding I will break it too easily.
    Have been practising with my mouth guard for a few mins a day, dont feel all paniciky anymore, but its not lets see how it goes...give myself some time.