Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Winners : 21 - 27 June

" Hello ... all you big people out there ...

... my name is Schnappe ... I am a miniture daschund ....
.. and I went with my new mommy and daddy to watch rugby between the British/Irish Lions and Springboks to their friend's parent's house.
My-new-mommy's friend's mom took photos of me .. 'cos I'm really very cute and am only 6 weeks old so I showed her my adorable little paws ...

... and my perky black tail to compliment my new winter outfit ....

.. and look at my cheeks wrinkle when I eat my yummy food ...

.. grrrr ... I can growl and pull on the camera strap ....

... what's that you say ? ...

... oh yes ... most definitely ... I am soooo cute, aren't I?

Luv and wuffs from ...............
Schnappe "
"PS .. my-new-mommy's friend's Mom said that she has had a very bad dose of flu and these are the only photos she has taken this week."
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  1. Too cute! Nice to meet you Schnappe.

  2. Schnappe is adorable! That face... it must have been love at first sight.

  3. Ohhhhh, we have a small sausage dog too! So cute.

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  5. Too cute. Hope you feeling better

  6. Oh how sweet is this? We have a miniature long haired dacshie called Schatzie! She is nearly 10 and a real little madam!!

  7. im sure lee and gaby are going to LOVE these pics of their new puppy! thanks mom

  8. Puppies are so them when they so little, like I love new born special.
    Lovely photo's Avril.

    Hope u feeling much better...dont worry I'm not sick and not taking photo's!
    Took my camera with me to Fulda yesterday and never took one pic, thats a first for me..

    I would love to have an animal, but with our lifestyle here its just not possible.

    Have a good week Avril.

  9. that is just the custest little thing i have sen in a looooooooong time!! love the paws!