Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to heal ...

If you've all been waiting with baited breath to see my Weekly Winners or anything else I may post ... I am sorry :(

Have had a dreadful weekend with bad dose of flu .... you know the kind ... the one that makes your skin feel like it doesn't belong to you ... a head that feels like it's going to explode .... .... and a body that feels like it's living in a fridge ....

Yes .. that kind! Now I'm left with a throat and sinus infection ...

Soooo ... I have the day off today!!!! And I am still in my 'jarmies at 11.00 am!!

No Sina (my maid phoned early .. really early .. this morning to say there were no taxis in Roodepoort so couldn't get here - which, although there are household chores to be done, they can wait until Wed. In the meantime I've done all the washing and will pile it up for her to iron - it's not a vast amount - there are only three of us .. it's not like it was when we were a family of five !!

Beauty is going to look after Bradley and Connor this afternoon too .. for which I am grateful. There's nothing worse than feeling dreadful AND having to look after children.

When I was at the doctor's yesterday there was a very sick little boy, probably about Connor's age, who was wriggling and moaning in his mother's arms and who was constantly saying "mommy .. mommy ....... " She was battling to cuddle him PLUS an enormous teddy bear which is obviously his favourite cuddling toy. What we do to keep our sick little ones happy!!!!

Ok ..... I give in - just one photo! It's white Camelia in a pot near our front door ...


  1. Hope you feel better soon Mom

  2. sorry you are feeling bad...hope you get better soon...

  3. So sorry you're feeling ill! Get better soon!