Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I wish I could tell my Mum...

..that the beautiful bride in this photo has recently made contact with my cousin through Rhodesian's Worldwide ... she used to work for the accounting company his Dad and my Dad used to own in Bulawayo. The company still exists today ...with our family name, but sadly no members of the family are there anymore.

She asked after our families remembering the two little boys at her wedding being the sons of one of the partners ... and also the little flower girl on the left of photo.

That's me !!! aged 5 .. in 1957 !!

It was the one and only time I have ever been a flower girl or bridesmaid and it was on the occasion of her wedding. The wedding reception was held in our beautiful garden ...

It was the one and only time I have ever been a flower girl .. or bridesmaid .. and the wedding reception was held in our garden of our beautiful home, Craigo, in Bulawayo. Our home .. built by my paternal grandfather. The photograph below is in a collage of my child/growing-up photos which my Mum put together years ago and hangs on the wall .. right in front of me as I am typing this ...

From my Mum's photograph album, where I found the wedding photo, on the same page, was this photo of me with my cousins, in the middle and my eldest brother on the right - I grew up with boys ! ... no sisters and no girl cousins close by! I always had beautifully made dresses .. all made by my Mum

I wish I could tell my Mum that this beautiful bride has made contact after so many years ... and she and her husband are well ...


  1. Avril, this has made me so emotional, I promise at the moment an emotional wreck!!!
    How cute were you, I can see its you...you havent changed!!!!

    I have never been a flower girl or a bridesmaid...no that thought makes me so sad!!!

    I can so understand you wanting to tell your mom...she is with you, but now with you...so so very sad.
    Big cyber hug and know sharing this with ME was special.

  2. oh how wonderful...I was never a flower girl...but I was a maid of honor for my brother in law and sister in laws wedding...I love your family photos...you were sure a pretty little girl...

  3. Beautiful memories. I wish you could tell your Mom, so sad ...

  4. What stunning photos!! How cool that she made contact, and it's terrible that granny will never know

  5. Old photos like this is wonderful. Some are memories while others are about family and things that took place before one was born. I love looking at my grandparents and mom's old pics.