Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Winners :

The weekend started with a grey, heavy mist on Friday morning, most unusual for our area ...

.. and then everything turned pink on Saturday ...

.. when Erin came to stay with us for the weekend ... (she just LOVES pink !)

... she was absolutely delighted when I took out two of Elaine's Barbies ...

.. perfectly posed for the photo shoot ...
.. "Barbie ... you WILL fit into the Barbie car ..."

... "B A A A R R B I E E E S" !!!

... " he he he " !!! Happy girl !!!

Then Erin got hold of my camera and started snapping away .... that's hubby and I !!

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  1. Erin did a fine job with the portrait of you and your husband. She really is pretty in pink.

  2. LOL that's such a cute photo of the two o f you!

  3. you have another photographer in your the barbies...and all the pink...great post..

  4. 'nuthin' wrong with lots of Pink!! Love it!

  5. I see photography runs in the family.

  6. She is so cute. It must be a absolute pleasure to look after here for a weekend

  7. That little *Pink* girl of yours, Erin, is too adorable...the one picture had me laughing I could just picture the whole situation and her talking away to her Barbie's.
    The first pic does look very erie - misty...and chilly.

  8. I love the portrait she made of you and your hubs. She's adorable!