Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Winners :

I always seem to be late with Weekly Winners! Being Mother's Day yesterday .. and Happy Mother's Day to all mommies/grannies out there ... we sat, with friends, at a Mother's Day picnic/concert on a beautiful autumn day .. chilling!! Something we needed to to ... we've had so much emotional strain this week we really needed it .... and I didn't take my camera along :( ... so NO PHOTOS :(

... no .. didn't find this guy at the picnic .. he was in the braai coal bag when hubby put in his hand to get a handful for a braai last Sunday !!! He's one of those awful/large/furry/spine-chilling-down-your-back-giving-you-goosebumps .. rain spider !

.. they really do give me the creeps ...

... from spiders to a delicate pink azalea ... much better to look at ...

... a pink jelly bean .. like a rose between the thorns ...

... red twirls of ribbon on a special boy's birthday prezzie ...

Bradley's 7 th birthday party was held at a ten pin bowling alley .. I don't think any of the children had ever played before and all had a 'ball' ... Jeanette's photos are far better than mine ...

... yessss ... skittles going down ... perfect bowling stance .. I would think !! (I have never played before either!)

... Bradley and Connor watching .. watching ... watching .. as Connor's ball rolled .. slowly .. slowly ... slowly down ...

... another roll of the ball .. this time Papa waiting ... waiting .. waiting .. for the ball to hit ... or miss the skittles ...

... maybe pointing helps ..

... grrrr ... being a tiger is easier than rolling that heavy ball down that lane ...

The Birthday boy !!!

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  1. Happy Mothersday to you Avril.

    MY still took photo, how very brave of you.

    Ahhhhh Bradley's birthday....and a whole 7

    Seems u also had a bad week from your comment. I am needed at home...

  3. EEEK! What an ugly fellow!
    I think you, Marcelle and I should run away to a deserted island somewhere for a long week-end! Keep your chin up my friend!

  4. great birthday photos...EEEEEKKKKK I don't like spiders...

  5. Geeeez, what a big spider, ugh!!!
    Congratulations to the birthday boy!!

  6. Those rain spiders are freeky, aren't they. I have goose flesh just thinking of them. *looking around for one to photograph*