Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's duo

These two deep red chrysanths have a story !!

Yesterday in the carpark at the shopping centre where I dashed to whilst Bradley was doing his karate class, I watched a young chap stuff two bunches of flowers into a backpack and proceed to climb onto his motorbike and .... off he went ... squished flowers sticking out the top! Once he had left I notice two lonely blooms lying on the tarmac. Rescued them from imminent squishing under a car's tyre and placed them in tiny crystal liquor glasses ... which I often use for odd little blooms that have lost their stalks .. for my Valentine's table! Pity .. I'm all on my own - hubby is away visiting his Mum in Hermanus where they scattered his Dad's ashes in the sea today, and Elaine and Bryan are going out for a romantic dinner for two!! Don't mind, really ... I have my glass of good red wine at hand, and braai (bbq) left-overs!!!!
Hope the young chap's girlfriend loved and appreciated the flowers !! Wonder how many more blooms flew off as he sped away!


  1. They're very pretty.
    At least you have flowers, even though they weren't meant for you :)

  2. Happy Valentines Day.
    I have a scooter and riding it has become more of a lifestyle than a saving of petrol. Some days I feel weird getting into my car on a rainy day. I know the kind of problem this guy had. You should have seen me the other day. I stopped at Fruit and Veg on the way home and bought a watermelon, a big one. Had to put it between my feet on the scooter to get it home and hope that I wouldn't have to stop suddenly.

  3. LOL Firefly!! Can just imagine you balancing the large watermelon between your feet whizzing around corners!

  4. A romantic story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it and hope you enjoying them today.

  5. I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day, even though you're all alone! I enjoyed your blog and your pictures again today, I had a lot of catching up to do!