Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday :

Gordon's Bay:
Western Cape

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  1. I always love it when I come over Sir Lowry's Pass and see Table Mountain in the distance for the first time. That is my sign that I am in the beautiful Cape. I see in you pic it looks like an island in the back, but I still know what it is and now I am suddenly lus for a visit to Cape Town.

  2. good morning avril

    thanks so much for your lovely comment to you yesterday about understanding - not many people do...I have my own family, sisters telling me to * learn the language * - YES, easier said than done, thats why I say, unless you have been in the situation you have no idea. I can understand afrikaans much better than I can speak it as well...would never try write it to you!! I know I'm going to have these sort of things said to me for as long as I live here. Honestly its hard. I have english tv, english friends, speak english in my home...the only time I realise I'm in germany is when I walk out my front door.

    Love this photo of Gordon's Bay to think I will be there so soon. strangly I am feeling very tense/nervous about happens every time I go home...Living out of my suitcase and comfort zone for 9 weeks is no fun at my age...and not having transport...but know once I'm there I will be fine..I know from past experience.

  3. Reminds me of a view we saw in Copenghagen - only it was misty and rainy - a lady in a red bikini was walking out along a pier like that towards the sea. I remember thinking how cold it must have been ...

  4. Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing.