Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Winners : 8 - 14 Feb

For those who don't know .... hubby and I spent last weekend at Champagne Castle in Central Drakensberg.

It was extremely difficult choosing photos for Weekly Winners this week, as between the two of us, we took loads of photographs.

Hope you enjoy the selection ......

Gushing stream
Mossy branch

Gentle waters
Steps to ......

Budding proteas

Nearly-nipped-us crab!
Nibbled-leaved protea
Sleeping hiker
Intricate nature

Blurry birdies! Caught in the act!

Charming chapel

Bursting thistles
African art

Misty mornings

Horse lashes-to-die-for!

More wonderful Weekly Winners pop in to see Lotus


  1. Wow! Love the mossy branch and the chapel pics!

  2. The surroundings you have captured are just marvelous! Thank you!

  3. Wow, what a bunch of beautiful photos! I like Gentle Waters and Charming Chapel the most!

  4. Absolutely awesome pics. I have difficulty choose just one as the ultimate winner. My choice is "Budding Proteas" just because I like taking those kind of pictures myself, but any one of them can pip it by the post.

  5. Lovely photographs! My favourite is Misty Mornings - I also like the horses eye - check my post for something similar!

  6. Avril, your photo's are are getting better and better...which is great as it pushes the bar higher for all of your readers now.
    Can see you are really enjoying your hobby...I am for sure.
    I cant even mention one photo that stands out as they are all brilliant!!

  7. I love the 2 water shots! That crab was really close up.