Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first conversation with Connor ...

..... was yesterday (Friday) afternoon! I was thrilled .. and quite taken aback!

His 'talking' has increased by leaps and bounds since starting school in January - we knew it would. I usually have a little chat with his teacher when I collect him .. just to find out how he is .. how he is doing, or sometimes it's a just a quick 'hello and how are you?" And ... sometimes we have a mission to find out where his shoes are! Being the Granny, I have no idea what he was wearing when he arrived at school. The helpers are usually very good and have all the kiddies shoes 'under their control' but once we came home with blue crocs which were not his. I was sure I hadn't seen them before but he insisted they were his and wore them the whole afternoon!

Have gone off on a tangent there .... anyway ... most of the kiddies in his class can't really talk either, according to his teacher when he first started, but she said they would once they needed to communicate with each other. Well, it's happening ... and he is copying, or trying to copy every word and even linking two words together.

Usually a conversation with Connor would be in answer to a question ... would you like a biscuit? Yes ... etc. Now he is trying the "yes, peeeze"! Oh so cute! On the very odd occasion ... after many attempts it's "yes .. peeeze ... Nan!" Yay!!!

Yesterday he went into the pantry and grabbed the biscuit tin wanting a "bikkie ... thooo" with a nod of the head. (that's an iced zoo biscuit!) For some reason, he always has to have two and we have to put them in a bowl but before we do we check the animals on the biscuits ..

Me ... one biscuit with a squirrel (he can't say squirrel) ... but he can say gorilla!
C ... yes
Me ... oh look .. another biscuit with a squirrel
C .. yes (with big smile)
Me .. and what does a squirrel eat?
C .. Nuts!

I was floored! He would usually say "num num num .... "

Yay!!! Clever Connor!


  1. Avril, what joy for a granny...this is so exciting, I know how I feel when my grandchildren just call my name *nana* when little.
    Had a webcam chat now to the kids earlier and hearing my little 18th month old say *nana* when looking at me was such a joy.

  2. He is so cute! Love the story about the crocs, sounds like he enjoyed them for the day

  3. ... and now he will never stop ...