Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday celebration .. far from home!

M celebrated her birthday yesterday. Our three South American friends, who are out here on business, came on Sunday for a braain/bbq but as it was the day before M's birthday, we decided to make it special ... she's so far from home and her own family, her beautiful young daughter and friends

THE PREZZIE : ... and it wasn't anything African!
She said once, that she's never had a tea set and only when she gets married will she have one. Romantic .. tea for two ...! I said that she didn't need to be married to set a small tray of tea. I do it all the time when hubby's away .. and he does it when I'm away visiting my Mum! Soooo ... I bought her a tea set. I walked the malls and shops to try and find something African on it .. no luck .. so it's a plain one. Someone take note - there's a market for African designed tea sets ... I can't be the only one looking for one!!!!

Now she has to buy a bigger suitcase to take it home ....!

THE FLOWER : We also bought her the King Protea - our national flower. Also can fit in her suitcase as proteas dry well and can be kept for years! Ummm ... not sure about customs etc !

THE DRINKS : C made us cocktails - Coctel de Algarrobina - ooooh ...yumm! A Peruvian cocktail made with Peruvian Pisco, condensed milk, eggs, lots and lots of crushed ice and Algarrobina honey/syrup ..

Yummm!! Cooool .... refreshing .... very very morish ....... not to have tooooo many ...otherwise concentration levels of being a hostess-to-all-including-littlies goes out the window!!! AND we/I end up with very very red cheeks!!!!

THE CAKE : A castle of chocolate eclairs !! Oh my .. couldn't get it in a beautiful circle piled up right to the top with one perched high in the centre ... you know ... like they do in the cooking programmes and pictured in cooking books ....

NO WORRIES : it was devoured!!

.. by all ... ...


  1. What a lovely birthday celebration!! That cocktail looks dangerously delicious!

    Loved that last picture,SOOOOOO adorable!

  2. Those eclairs were really yummy! Such a pity I missed out on the cocktails.

  3. What a lucky lady to have such a good friend! Looks like you had a whole heap of fun!

  4. That looks like a fun day and very delicious too! S