Monday, September 21, 2009

Jackie went to school ...

.. for Bradley's 'Pet Day' and she loved it !!

Jeanette and family don't have a pet and as Bradley has grown up with our dogs, Robbie and Jackie, we thought it good idea for me to take Jackie. I would have loved to have taken Robbie as Robbie would have absolutely loved all the attention but it would have been too much for 'the old man', so I took our little Jackie - whose not that much of a 'spring chicken' ... she's 10 !!

Bradley was delighted !!! Only four dogs went along to his class that day .. no other pets .. I thought there would be hamsters, mice, rats .... !!! There were other dogs waiting outside the other Grade 0's ... some small, medium, large and extra large !!! I carried her passed the 'extra large' ones !!!!
All the other children in his class brought photographs. Our little Jackie was a star!! She was so well-behaved that we were the last up !!! She sniffed around the classroom in between sitting quietly waiting our turn ....
Oh yes ... very proud of our little 'girlie' !!


  1. Too Cute!!!! Well done Avril!!!

  2. what a great day for are a great Grammy!

  3. LOL, he wouldn't stop talking about it, thanks Mom!