Friday, September 4, 2009

Skywatch Friday :

We had treefellers take down three conifers ... sadly they were diseased .... and I captured their progress ... looks like he's standing on the roof of the house - cropping the roof cuts off his feet and then he doesn't look right ... so here's the treefeller up-a-tree-but-on-the-roof ...

Sad day for me ...

Preparing the last tree with a couples of strong ties .... (I hoped strong ties - the house and garden wall was sooo close!)

.. which were knotted together ....!!!

Miss those trees now ... all that open space with sky, hot summer afternoon sun (or will be hot soon) and an ugly house next door!
I planted them almost 30 years ago - for screening the neighbour and afternoon shade.
We begin again ...

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  1. Hi, Avril!
    We just had our trees trimmed last month and my dogs went crazy enough for one of them (Sweepy)to bark about it in his blog! Yes, my dogs have their own blogs and you can click on them in my blog!

    Our trees get trimmed twice a year and they grow fast and bear fruits every year! I hope your tree will heal and give you more leaves soon!

  2. Great photos for a SWF!Really interesting to see!Thank you for sharing!Have a nice weekend!

  3. I am sure you will soon have it all sorted! I do love your documentary from yesterday!! You're photo's of the boys are so sweet and tell such a happy story!

  4. Wow cool photos, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  5. I particularly like the shot with the chips flying.

  6. Great subject matter. enjoyed previous post also

  7. Love the photo with the woodchips flying!

  8. I had to take out a huge tree a year ago whose roots were causing my wall to crack.I felt so sad. Gert Blitz did the job. Don't you just love that name!!!

  9. wow that tree is pretty tall!!! great pictures

  10. Wow that tree was tall! There were some tense moments, no doubt. It's amazing someone is willing to climb up so high! Great post for Skywatch Friday.

  11. It must have been sad seeing that you planted them so long ago and saw them growing. And the loss of the shade. You will have to get a couple of gazibos. Perhaps pop in at the Getaway Show this weekend and see what's on the market. (and come and say hi to me)