Thursday, September 17, 2009

Through my kitchen window ...

... I see my yellow Banksia rose arching over the garden wall (photo is a little dark as this was taken yesterday evening) ...

I took this photo the other morning .. love this plant - such a pity it only flowers in spring/early summer and then it's just green for the rest of year ..
Delicate, dainty pale yellow flowers ...
Also 'through my kitchen window' I can see my white Banksia which isn't quite in full bloom yet ..
Early morning sunshine over part of the front garden ... for those interested in what my garden looks like !

Another plant I love is the Cape May which is covered with tiny white blossoms at this time of year
- Janet .. note the 'Yesterday Today and Tomorrow' (Brunfelsia calycina) in full bloom against the house .. this is one of five I have in the garden - their scents waft around the garden and into the house in the evenings

Tiny delicate flowers of the Cape May ...

I haven't finished replantng the side area where the trees came down - but it's coming right ...

The little ditch/river/dried up river bed/where the outlet-water-from-the-pool-goes has needed 'repairs' and there are spaces where I can plant new plants and seedlings etc ....
We've had glorious days lately - although I see it's a little cloudy today and rain would be good!!!!!
Yesterday afternoon the two boys and I spent the whole afternoon on the picnic rug (as I do most afternoons in summer with them) ... we watched the sky and the birds, the fresh new leaves on the trees, counted the aeroplanes ..."jets" ... watched a yellow weaver start another nest just above us, read books ..... it's great being a granny!


  1. Oh - it sounds like heaven! I HAVE To get a Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Mine from last year died. I think I had it in a hot spot!

  2. Think I need to visit you again to take a photo of those roses!! Didn't think to walk around the house on Sunday!

  3. beautiful flowers..sounds like you have as much fun as the grandbabies do...that's great!

  4. Thanks for the advice Avril. I am going to go to Colourful Nursery on Saturday and get a couple more. I HAVE to get it right! :)

  5. Now that is lovely. Such beautiful roses!

  6. I'm kinda jealous of your garden.