Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the way to Mizen Head, Co. Cork ...

... over the greenest of hills and dales ... the landscape became a little barren ... we knew we were nearing our destination when we came to this beautiful beach quite unexpectedly!! We only saw a few beaches like this on our route round Ireland ..

... it was a magnificent sight with the Atlantic Ocean spreading out beyond the bay ...

Mizen Head, the most south-westerly point in Ireland, is linked to the mainland with a arched pedestrian bridge which spans a deep gully ...

... walking from the car park to the Signal Station and peering down the cliff face to the sea ... way, way below !
A spectacular view from the arched bridge...

... and another awesome view from the Signal Station ...

There used to be a manned lighthouse, The Fastnet Lighthouse, on top of this building, the building of which was completed in 1904. The Lighthouse is no longer there but the Signal Station is still operational

Looking back to the pathway, arched bridge and visitor's centre (the small building on the right)

Inside the building of the Signal Station is where the Lighthouse Keeper lived ... a lonely life, I would imagine !!

.... with the only means of communication ....!

One of the sides of the lantern is mounted on the wall...

Set of crockery displayed in the narrow passage ....

Very interesting .... with spectacular views !!!


  1. When I look at this beauty I know there's a God!!

  2. I envy you. But I have a good thing coming too!

  3. What a beautiful place! Love the beach and the views of the cliffs

  4. Beautiful. I specially like the pic of the view through the cliffs to the landscape in the background.
    What is it with people and their opsession to see / visit the most northern / eastern / western / southern point of a country? I don't know, but I am one of those.