Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Winners : 18 - 24 October

Haven't taken many photos since coming back from our wonderful holiday in Ireland ....

Sooooo ... thought I'd give an update on the area in my garden that was squashed and trampled on when the three huge conifers were felled ...

... not looking tooooo bad .. only lost one rose bush but that was because I transplanted it .. not very successfully ... and in it's place planted a Lavender Tree .. to help hide the neighbour's rather ugly house ... shall now plant some more little 'things' in-between to fill the gaps ..

Last night .. we had a lovely evening with our Colombian friends .... plus one !
Thought I'd add some abstract ....
... before showing Bradley, who was the coolest of dudes !!

.... and trying so hard to stay the coolest of dudes ...

Connor .. not to be left out ... showed me his 'cool dude' pose ...

... and ended up being .... the cutest of dudes !!!

'Brotherly' cool dudes ...!

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  1. Connor is ALWAYS the coolest and the cutest DUDE! Loved this!! I always do!!

  2. Oh LOL those photos of the boys made me laugh!

  3. Your little dudes are awesome! Too cool and too cute.

  4. How adorable! You have 2 cuties there, well I mean cool dudes - they're pretty tough looking, especially that last photo :-)!

  5. It looks like you have a fun life!

  6. Really cute dudes!! They are gorgeous. Your garden is looking fantastic.