Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Rub a dub dub ...

.. one man needs to rub ...
with scourer ...
and liquid ....
on the old oak table ..."

Look what I get my guests to do when they visit !!!!

Hubby's sister and BIL, C and B stayed for two nights on their way through from the Cape to the Kruger National Park and we were discussing our dining room table, the top of which has gone sticky from years of a build-up of wax/polish with the added heat from serving dishes - even though I always use thick wooden mats to protect the wood. I always serve meals from serving dishes and platters on the dining room table when we are seated and never 'dish-up' in the kitchen.

My BIL, B, said he knew how to get it off, which confirmed a hint I heard on a DIY programme on the radio recently. The DIY Guru said methylated spirits and elbow grease ... lots of it ... gets it off but B said parafin works better ... sooooo ... off C and I went to the shop up the road to buy the parafin so that he could show me how ... :) :) ...

You see ... he was happy doing the job ... so with lots of encouragement, ooohing and aaahing at the fine job he was doing .... he did most of it ... leaving C and I to do finish it off - which took us most of the afternoon (!) - while he retired for a snooze on a comfy chair .... book on tummy !!

The job is not quite finished - I now have to apply a polish with added beeswax, which I have not been able to find yet but I will endeavour to buy it - and apply it before they return. They will be staying longer on their return visit so I wonder if I should get a list together of more tasks !!!!! :)
Does anyone want to come and stay with us ?? We have a garden facing guest room with comfy beds, soft fluffy towels and good wholesome meals are served daily !!


  1. That looks like a lot of work for a table...and now you have to finish it off...tell BIL no half jobs accepted.
    Waiting to see the table when finished...

  2. Well done BIL. I think he should finish it when they get back!!

  3. LOL, and it was a brilliant job too! I'm sure you'll get the polish at Builders Warehouse

  4. wow that's a great offer...a nice place to stay...nice family...good food...for a little elbow grease...I saw that would be well worth it...

  5. This was funny!! Looks like he's doing a great job!
    Happy weekend!