Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly Winners :

Lots of photos today so I hope you don't get bored before you get to the last few photos!

Last Sunday was Erin's 3rd birthday party ... such excitement written all over her sweet little face ...

She loves pink .. so in her honour .. here is the small delicate pink rose of the ground cover, Apple Blossom ..

... and another ground cover rose ... Sensation ...

.... and another, Brilliant Iceberg, catching the light of the afternoon autumn sun ...

Blooming Plectranthus of pinks, lilacs and purples, pretty and dainty - I need to encourage these plants around the garden as I was so impressed with all the plantings at Kirstenbosch Gardens on our recent visit to the Cape ...

... delicate but make a gorgeous show when massed ...

Teeny tiny pink baubles of the Polygonum capitatum .....

... and a droopy white ground cover rose ... soon to join it's mate on the right ... but there is a hope on the left of more to come ... !!

What else is coming ? .... winter bulbs and sweet peas ....

... and nectar loving birds ... (an innovative gift from Cheryl and Bob!!)

... all will be watched over by the garden fairies - who don't feel the cold, during the winter months ahead ...

... when we can cuddle up with a good glass of red wine and a wholesome beef stew ... (note to Kathy - do you see, I bought a new heat diffuser from that shop in the Mall in SW during our recent stay!) ...

... or should we arrange table settings on the newly stripped and waxed oak dining table ... yes ... I finished the job that BIL started !! I am ready for inspection when they return ...
But before I end, I have to share these gorgeous pups !!! Jeanette and family have two new additions to their family ... meet our new grandpuppies ... I just had to be there when they arrived ...

Kimo and Kitara

... aren't they just tooooo gorgeous for words ... !!

"Which way to the play area ... ?"

All the excitement of a new home with a big garden and little boys was just a little too much after a while ...

Aaaawww ... what more can I say ...

I have to say it again ... aaaaww !! 8 week old paw .. and nose .. !!

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  1. Are all those flowers growing in your garden??? They're beautiful!! Also, my son loved your grandpuppies!!!!

  2. Great shots of the pups. Love the one with the boys too. The shot with the nectar bottle is fabulous... love the light!

  3. oh boys and dogs....nothing sweeter...except a pretty little girl in pink...great weekly winners

  4. From first to last, they are all just beautiful!

  5. I love photo's so you can post lots and lots, I will never get bored of the first one how you kept your Princess in focus and blurred the rest of the kids...a new technique for exciting.

    Cause its Spring here I'm also photographing flowers all the time, so can see myself in you when I look at all the flower pics...

    The table is looking great and no doubt will pass the inspection.

    LOOK AT THOSE CUTE NEW GRANDPUPPIES OF YOURS...those amazing blue eyes and two of them!! Double trouble, Double JOY!

  6. Love the birthday girl's expression in the first shot. She does look so very excited.

    Your puppies are adorable!

  7. puppies!!!!!! oh and also, the look on the birthday girl's face is priceless.

  8. Love the new nectar bottle, that's so clever!
    Aww and our new puppies :)

  9. Beautiful flowers ... and the pups are so cute!

  10. Love the photos. Erin is so cute. I am glad you found a defuser!!! Love the pups. The table looking good. Your flowers are amazing!!!

  11. Sorry for not popping in as much as I should, but its been so hectic lately.

    The pups are beautiful. Just wait till they grow up and start digging up the garden. LOL!

  12. We have a nectar bottle just like that. P makes a conconction of water, food colouring (must be red) and sugar - the birds just lap it up! :)

  13. Aaaaawwwwww, that last one should be FRAMED!!