Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Winners :

Not many photos this week ... I seemed to have been busy doing other 'stuff' ....

... just a carpet of autumn leaves ...

.. crispy and crunchy ..

... yellow, orange and brown ...

"There's a hole in the mushroom/bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza .... there's a hole in the mushroom/bucket, dear Liza, a hole .... " fairies must have got a little wet sheltering under this one !!! ...

There better not be a hole in these buckets !!!! Littlies off on their Easter Egg hunting expedition ...
.... looking here .... looking there ....

... and looking everywhere ... "how many you got, Erin?" ...

All the stash was collected ... piled together .. and then divided equally ... Bradley did the honours ...

... nyum .. nyumm ...nyummm!!
... tastes goooood !!

"Happy Eeeeeaaaster" ...

... "mmm ... yum yumm !!

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  1. Avril YOUR little people are adorable...that last photo is so well caught, the expression.

    I know for you to have captured those autumn photo's you were lying on your stomach on the grass..good going - good level, I did something like that with shells on the beach...a wonderful effect..
    Like your weekly photo's.
    What camera did you say you have again??

  2. love your photos...we are excited about getting leaves on our trees...and you are loosing yours...what a difference from one side of the world to the other

  3. Oh I can feel the winter coming... there's even a difference since we went away a few days ago!

  4. You added that last one just for me eh?

  5. Love the perspective of the leaves shots and the mushroom.

  6. I love the mushroom and the song that accompanied it. I sing that to the kids all the time. They say, "Mom, something is broken." I say, "So fix it dear, Georgie!"

  7. Too cute. Love the photos. Yes winter is definately on its way.

  8. Lovely weekly winners Avril! Just adore the expression on Connor's face! He is such a character! What a beautiful mushroom!

  9. I love the mushroom pic. I took a couple myself last weekend and will post them soon.