Friday, April 16, 2010

Skywatch Friday :

Following on Jenty's blog yesterday about the possibility of the Cape Town City Ballet Company closing down due to lack of funds (absolutely tragic) and their drive to raise the necessary funding ... I remembered I had taken a photo of the beautiful and graceful ballerina catching the sunlight on a grey, cloudy day in London last year when we were on holiday ... she stands, on point, on top of the dome of the Victoria Palace Theatre ...

... and then I thought I would show you what our sky looked like this morning at 6.20 am ... a crisp Autumn morning on the Highveld in South Africa ...

... all photos taken from my back courtyard ... there is a dove - sitting on the edge of the roof ..

.. and then looking to the East ... there is a dot above the grey puff near the centre of photo ... the dot is a plane ... but it's difficult to see (very faint .. it was a small plane!!) I didn't take the photo for the plane - I took for the sky !!!
For more spectacular skies around the world go to Skywatch


  1. Lovely photographs and so typical of our sky at the moment. It is sad about the ballet - the dream of many little girls I am sure.

  2. what a graceful ballerina. you captured her so well.

  3. I love the sad about the daughter has been taking ballet since she was is so good for girls...and I love to watch the the sky photos..

  4. My niece danced for the CT ballet and got paid peanuts, that was towards the end of last year...the company was really struggling...very sad indeed.

  5. Great shots! Love the ballerina!