Monday, March 2, 2009

Erin came to play ..

.. yesterday while we enjoyed a quiet day with her Daddy and Mommy - my son and his wife. We don't see them as often as we would like as they live about 70 kms away (on the other side of town) and my son is a paramedic who works on alternate weekend shifts. Getting together is often quite difficult because of this but they came for a braai (bbq) yesterday and to celebrate his birthday with us. I am trying desperately to get a 'whole family' get-together but haven't managed so far for ages - and we all live in the same city - can you believe it!!!

Our pretty little granddaughter, Erin ...

... colour-coded with the slide in her blue and yellow ...

.. "MORE" ... she said whilst going up and down the slide ..

.. F U N !!!!

.. no more photos .. Granny .. !!!

.. I can still see you behind that camera, Granny ...

Our little cutie pie Erin , is 6 weeks younger than Connor - her 2nd birthday coming up in April ... and her 'talking' is also improving by leaps and bounds .. saying "Gampa .. Ganny .. 'Lainey .. Baddley .. Conny .. and Erry "(herself) - copying words and can count to 10! " .. two .. four .. five .. six .. eight .. nine .. TEN !" She attends a playgroup three times a week and told us the names of all her friends .. "Ryley .. Luca .. Ross .. (can't remember the others but she knew them all) and kept telling us that she was going to "p'ay" with "them" tomorrow.
Such cutie whose smile melts your heart !!! .. and still walks on her tippy toes around the house and garden!
Of course .. we had to have a "Granny's Speciality" birthday cake!!!
Here she is helping her Daddy blow out his candles ...


  1. What a sweet granddaughter, love the cake, looks yummy

  2. She's so cute! I hope you're going to make me a cake like that in a few months time... but we'll disguise the smartie number for the photos ;)

  3. You didn't plan the yellow and blue slide shoot, did you? I'm looking at the number on the cake and if I'm reading it right it means I will have one of those coming up in a couple of months time myself. *sigh*

  4. OK Jeanette - will make a 'Granny Speciality' cake for you too - and blur the numbers!!!
    Firefly - no plan on the colour-coding here! Only noticed it once I'd downloaded the photos - as for the number on the cake - just think I old I feel - I'm his mom!!

  5. I know exactly how difficult it is to get the family together. I have taken on that role since my folks moved to Natal and boy do I struggle!!
    What a precious little girl - love that 'More' look!!

  6. What a cutie!!! And she knows when she's being photographed, doesn't she?