Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bradley's karate demonstration

Bradley's karate class had a demonstration yesterday for parents and families. Only a handful of parents were there which was a pity, but the usual mums, grannies and grandpas who usually wait around - like me - while the class is in progress twice a week ... and believe me .. there are lots of children who are picked up by grannies and grandpas as both parents are working.
It's a full afternoon for the instructors but we are first as we are the white belts!!!

They have recently done their gradings .... Bradley now has two stripes!!

The dots are for standing on - to keep them in lines .. in order .. their own space .. disclipline to stand still and listen and do ...

Part of the greeting to Sensai .... (next time I go, I shall listen more and take less photos!) :) maybe I need a dot to stand on!

... face block ... oops wrong arms! (yay for Brad's - correct arm!) :)

... chest block with the 'baddie' (Sponge-people) attacking ...

...and 'another-kind-of-block' when the 'Sponge-people' attack the head ...

Bradley (Sponge-person) 'baddie' - on the right with yellow sponge-stick .....

..... concentrating on attacking ....
... chest block against the Sponge-people ...

... then Sensai demonstrated tournament karate ... (it was the first time they had done this so it was new to them as well as to us!)

All done!!
... and well done to Sensai for keeping all these boisterous littlies under control twice a week and during the demonstration .... then it was time for handing out the certificates, which was done at great speed so my photo is a blur ... so we had a 'photo shoot' afterwards ...
Well done Bradley!!!


  1. Yay for Bradley!! What a difference to what he was doing at the demo I went to in Dec

  2. Way to go Bradley, karate is so good for kiddos, really teaches them self disipline, it is sad that not so many parents could come, but good that grammies and grandpas could be there! I love the last photo! What does the little one think of his big brother doing karate?

  3. Your g/son Bradley has a very sweet face and smile...a Karate Kid! He looks very proud himself...which is a good thing for children.