Tuesday, April 21, 2009

E&B roll at Fritz .... and the electrician

I really need to find out how to change the day and date to OUR time/the present/now/at this moment on top of the blog!! It's TUESDAY today !!

I would normally have had a healthy salad, or something healthy anyway, last night. Hubby is away on business (as previously mentioned) and Elaine was at 'mommy's night' - she and Bryan pop along to Bryan's parents for dinner on Mondays.

So there I was, all alone ... littlies gone home, their toys packed away - peace and quiet again!! Darkness creeps in early now that winter is not far away ... turned TV off, put on my favourite (for the moment) CD of Crystal Healing music which soothes the soul - used to listen to whales' songs - yes, I am a touch strange at times !!! ... aromatic incense and candles wafting through the dimly lit house ...

... so there I was, all alone .... and needed supper!

Ummm ... no healthy meal for me - egg and bacon toasted sandwich ... yes .. that's what I needed!!

Had been eyeing the bacon in the fridge since Sunday - Elaine and Bryan cooked a huge breakfast for themselves while I toiled in the the garden, my mouth watering as I caught whiffs of bacon cooking! I couldn't eat anything but cereal, when I got up early to prepare myself for the day's gardening, as we had no power and we don't have a gas stove. Pulled out the gas bottle to boil water for tea but wasn't going to all that hassle to make myself a fried-breakfast-for-one!

So ... I had it last night!!! .... Oh it was yummy! Loads of bacon! Had to finish the packet of course - and then an egg - just one .. need to watch the cholestrol :) !

... so there I sat ... in the dim light with my music and incense ..... munching on my toasted egg and bacon sandwich !!!! .. oh yes .. and a glass of smooth Shiraz - (De Waal Shiraz from Uiterwyk Wine Estate)

It took me back to the days when we (my brothers and I) were little .... it was a HUGE treat for us (my brothers and I sitting in the back seat) to go the Fritz Drive-In Restaurant on 13th Avenue/Rhodes Street, Bulawayo (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe) and get take-aways!!!! We either ate our food there .... with the little tray attached to the window ... or if we were in a 'hurry' we would munch on our food on the way home. Goodness knows what we would be in hurry for in those days .... maybe to catch the news on radio - no radio in car ... no TV at home ...

... so ... down memory lane I went .... I could even smell my Fritz' egg and bacon roll wrapped up in it's paper bag .....

I still have a menu from Fritz! That egg and bacon cost 2/3d in 1969 - that's the year I went back there when I was a madly-in-love-with-a-boy-who-never-gave-me-a-glance teenager on New Years Eve before we went to watch the sun come up at the Matopos Hills - in fact at the sight of Cecil John's Rhodes grave (founder of Rhodesia) - where the view is spectacular!

... and then my thoughts came back home to events of the day when I couldn't get hold of my usual electrician who repairs the bits and pieces that go wrong in the house. Haven't needed his services for ages now ... but needed him yesterday - hubby is away remember! No .. and it's not what's going through 'some' minds - I needed an electrician to fix an electrical problem!!!

What a shock I got when heard that he has cancer and is gravely ill in hospital - never to go home again. Such a nice man - hard working ... always worked on his own and always chatted while he worked. Elaine and his son went to Primary School together right from Grade 1 to Grade 7 and came to one or two of her birthday parties before they became 'girls only'.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Peter and your family.


  1. Sorry to hear about Peter too, that's terrible.

    Yum, think I'm going to have that for lunch!

  2. Try this to fix the date.
    Go to Customize at the top of the page next to sign in (or out depending if you have signed in *smile* )
    Go to Settings.
    Go to Formating
    There you will find all the date and time stuff. Go down to Time Zone and see if it is set right. It should be (GMT +02:00 Johannesburg). Good luck

    Now I can do with some bacon and eggs

  3. sometimes it is nice to have time alone, your dinner sounded yummy

  4. Thanks Firefly - got it!! - date and time is now correct