Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little chef in the making

After yoga yesterday, I picked up Bradley and after having a looong conversation with Beauty, we went along to Lifestyle Garden Centre. Beauty is obviously a bit lonely now that Connor is at school and is always ready for a chat when I drop in to fetch either one of the boys. Bradley is still on his school holidays .. Connor is at school .. so on my yoga/gym days B stays with Beauty until I fetch him. Chats with Beauty are varied ... yesterday was cooking ... Bryani ... milk tart ... caramel cake .... .... ... !

Oh yumm!! So after all that food talking I really, really needed a cup of coffee. A morning cup of coffee out-and-about always has to include a bubblegum milkshake for Bradley. He has always insisted that Lifestyle doesn't have them. Negotiations here!! Been to yoga ... body .. mind .. relaxed ... coffee in tea garden on beautiful day ... adds to the perfect morning!

Lifestyle just had to have bubblegum milkshakes - they cater for littlies, for heavens sake!!! Wonderful play area with jungle gyms, ride-on 'stuff' which cost a fortune per ride (!), and farmyard area (not that great anymore - I used to take Elaine 20 odd years ago when they had all sorts of animals including lemurs hanging around!)

... and I needed a fennel plant!

Yay - he agreed! Off we went ... and they DID have bubblegum milkshakes!! Also discovered the littlies can make their own pizzas! Oh what fun!!! Little chefs in the making ...

When we sat down, I said/asked "You must be hungry?" "Granny, how do you know when I'm hungry?" he said. Granny's have a sixth sense!!

Pizza sounded good to him .. and even better .. he had never made his own pizza before!! There is a kiddies height stone counter with a bench. The Pizza Chef helps them put on the 'chef outfit', gives them a rolling pin and ball of dough and ... then it's rolling ... patting ... flour on noses, cheeks, up to elbows ! Such fun!!

Must remember to always, always, always carry my little camera in my bag - had to use my cell phone for these .... couldn't let an opportunity like this go by without a photo!

And the finished product - deeeelicious !! He topped it with ham, cheese and pineapple and it was very very good!!! Brought the rest home in a take-away box ... gobbled up in no time once Connor found it! "Nice... pizza" with big grin on face!


  1. LOL, he wants to go back there tomorrow and make pizzas again :)

  2. What a good idea to keep the kids busy while the adults sit and relax.

  3. never heard of a bubble gum all have so much fun together...looks like you have a promising chef on your hands.. when my kids were little we made pizzas out of biscuits...rolled them out..sometimes cut them into shapes...used spaghetti sauce...cheese and what ever else they wanted to put on them..they loved it.