Monday, April 27, 2009

Hubby's back from London ...

.. and didn't have much time for taking photos as he spent most of the daylight hours sitting in a conference, but on this particular day he only had meetings, with spare time afterwards, and took advantage of the lovely spring weather walking around the Victoria area where he was based.

His hotel was not far from Buckingham Palace and took these photos to show me the striking flower display in the gardens in front of the Palace ....

.. went tiptoeing over the manicured lawns ....

... to get close-ups of the largest tulips he had ever seen ....

.. before he was promptly told to "keep off the grass" !!! Ooops !!

On his last evening there, he had dinner with his nephew and girlfriend and was introduced to their gorgeous little bundle of joy, Nathan ... isn't he a cutie pie?!!

On the flight over to London, hubby sat next a very interesting chappie from Czechia - a photographer who travels the world -
He had just spent some time in Zimbabwe and was making his way back to his home country. He said he had been to Zimbabwe 10 years ago and was absolutely devastated to see how much poverty there is now in the country. Breaks my heart - that's our home country .. the place where we were born ...
... the place where money has no value ...
He gave hubby this note - not sure what that'll buy but whatever it is, it won't buy it tomorrow.


  1. Glad your hubby is back safe and sound...he took some great photos!

  2. Oh wow, that's pretty! Aww at the photo of Nathan!
    Dad always meets the most interesting people on the planes :)

  3. It must be good to have him back safely. Beautiful photos of the flowers. When I got to visit London 18 months ago I also had to squize aal my sightseeing into one morning. I don't even think I ever posted pics from that trip. Maybe I should.
    I also want one of those notes. I must ask around the hawkers down the road to see if one of them is from Zim.

  4. That's a shame if you have to work while visiting London!! But he did manage to take some beautiful pictures!