Friday, November 13, 2009

Skywatch Friday :

Two ... one ... zero ....

Two .... Grey Louries against the grey clouds last evening ... (it had just rained)

One ... Grey Lourie as the sun was setting ...
Zero ....

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  1. What a lovely sunset! Great shots of the birds!

  2. I love the second shot. Perfect lines. Blue in the top 1/3, clouds in the middle 1/3 and the sunset at the bottom with the bird on the line.

  3. I am battling to comment on your blog! Everything just shuts down every time. Third time lucky! I had a conversation with a loerie in my garden last night. Stacey was hysterical! It lasted about 10 min - he called, then I called!
    BTW love your photographs yesterday. Ireland definitely on my places to visit list!

  4. Cool lories and a pretty sky. Great photo and Happy Skywatching.