Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Winners : 1 - 7 Nov

A B C ...

A is for animal .... (the camel's got boobies ! exclaimed Connor .. not sure whether he was impressed with the explanation of the desert and storage of water ... boobies seem more simple!)

B is for building ...
C is for Cat ...
D is for dog ...
E is for easy instructions .. (!)

F is for folds .. delicate and pink ...
G is for 'gonna be a big rose one day' ...
H is for 'hey... a 'thnake' !!!
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  1. LOL that's so cute!
    Love the rose photo, such a beautiful pink

  2. I love the "ABC's"!! I literally laughed out loud at "E is for Instructions"! Those toys (not sure what they are) look like so much fun!!

    And I absolutely adore your rose photos; they are so soft and romantic.

  3. Love the ABC's. Are you going to finish them out next week starting with "i" :-)?

  4. You are so the pics...all so beautiful..

  5. Gorgeous! I love H the best! I can hear that precious little voice!