Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Winners : 8 - 14 Nov

A week with ...

... rain ... and hail ...
.. which fortunately didn't do much damage to the plants ..

We had sunshine ...

... with Erin .. "cheeeeeese" .... or is it ... "pleeeeese can I swim .. "!!

Having a pool net, which is the most difficult thing to put back on, we don't open it up very often .. only if we really really really want to swim ....
.... the garden spray is the next best option ....
.... just a drop at a time ... !!!!!!!

M .. I .. C .. K .. E .. Y ...... M .. O .. U .. S .. E .... !!!!

"Oh ... cruel world !!!! Why do I have to have this on .... "?

Aaaargh .... let us swim !!!!

..... if I do this .... will my Grwanny let me swim ... ?

.. or if I take my clothes off .... ?

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  1. Jislaaik, look at all the hail. We also have a pool net and the kids are also nagging for us to take it off just about every day. Had it off last weekend. but they only went in quickly cause the water wass till a bit cold.

  2. Lovely photos. Shame what happened to Jackie??

  3. Jackie has a habit of licking her leg till it's raw - tried everything to stop it - this is now the only thing that is allowing the sores to heal. Hopefully it will work and she will forget the habit when collar comes off.

  4. Wow! You did have a lot of hail. We didn't have any actually, just hard, pouring rain! Just a passing cloud said P! Well, it took a long time to pass, that's for sure!

    I can picture their little voices asking to swim.
    That pool net is a lifesaver but such a bugger to take off and put on...Rather safe than sorry I say...
    It sure hailed a lot - its raining here at the moment...and so dark!!

  6. LOVE the photos of Connor, LOL!My word at the hail, Lance told me about it, but I had no idea it was that bad