Friday, January 23, 2009

Cloud over Lions Head - Cape Town

Our power has just been restored to the whole of our area - we have been without electricity for 10 or more hours (we were sleeping when it went off) ... and it was apparently due to cable theft !!!! OMW, these 'people' who steal cables drive everyone nuts!! They not only steal electricity cables, they also steal telephones cables - it's the copper that they're after. Some homes and establishments are without phone lines for months - Bradley's school included in this category - their phone lines have been stolen on several occasions - and the other day - there was a notice saying that the thieves have been at it again!!!!
Anyway - managed to get in a photo to Skywatch Friday before fetching the boys from school and then spending the afternoon amongst the chaos of toys scattered throughout my house - it's worse when it rains .. as it is today!!
I took this photo - through the windscreen of my sister in law's car weaving through homeward bound traffic - on one of my visits to Cape Town.


  1. when I first saw your entry, I thought to myself...
    Thats sure Avril doenst live there..!!!!
    Then I understand.

    Its terrible that they can steal pipes - I've about this often...makes on mad...x

  2. I heard that there was a problem in your area this morning! Caused chaos in the traffic! Lovely picture of the cloud!

  3. The cloud looks like cottonwool coming over the hill. I am stunned that people would steal cable like this. I guess the long term solution is to have only wireless.

  4. Gorgeous photo!
    It was out from 3am btw

  5. Quite an impressive sky photo. I've never seen a cloud form like that. Beautiful.

  6. I love it when the clouds come over Table Mountain.

  7. Wow, that is quite a phenomenon. Up-side-down rainbows in England incredible tubular lenticular cloud in Seattle, sun dogs and now your smoot bowl shaped clouds. A wonderful diversity.