Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Winners : 18 - 24 Jan

Coffee in the garden

Dirty bucket .. clean cars

More crayons?

My calendar

Our beautiful Robbie...
.. and our beautiful Jackie

Teeny tiny toadstools

'Australian' violets

Lastly ... another sunset ... yesterday ... through the neighbour's trees

Now - shall see if I submit this properly - this time !! For more Weekly Winners go to a very patient and helpful Lotus!


  1. Morning Avril from a sun shining cold Sunday in Germany..

    What beautiful photo you've posted are getting so good!!!! Will soon give J a run for her money hey ;)

    Love the raindrop - so good, I cant do this...have tried, but always blurr.
    The sunset is awesome, the color is so amazing....of course all the other pics are great..the bucket with car in the distance....great angle.
    I'm really enjoying photography and the more I get into it the more there is to learn!!!

    Have a great Sunday, we off to gym later.

  2. Mushrooms! Ohhhh! My favorite!

    Great shots, Avril.

  3. The first and last shots are my favorites. All are wonderful!

  4. That last shot is beautiful Mom!! Wish we got sunsets like that, and we're up the road from you!
    The mushrooms are also very good!

  5. Beautiful shots! I love them all, especially the garden and that sky!

  6. So nice to find a fellow South African. I dropped over from Max-e Files in PE. I have a golden Labbie that just looks like yours! Your photos are lovely and I shall be back...Eleanor from Thatchwick (in Pretoria)

  7. Nr 1, yip, nr 2, yip, nr 3 yip... I like them all. They each have something else that makes them unique and lovely to look at. I just wish I can bump into some toadstools to take some pics for myself.

  8. Great set this week w/lots of diversity! My fave is coffee in the garden~it looks so serene :)

  9. Beautiful sunset and cute doggies!

  10. Great set! I love Jackie - beautiful! And the sunset. I've got a sunrise up, though everyone is calling it a sunset, even though it's title, "Good Morning" Go figure. =)

  11. Beautiful photos!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja & Bear Zonn

  12. These are all wonderful. I love the dog shots. I'm a sucker for puppies.

  13. Oh we had that beautiful sunset too, but I had forgotten my camera! Lovely pictures Avril - I love the litte mushrooms and the violets! Those a beautiful!