Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She ..... loves it !!!

"Oh Mom ... it was sooo nice" ... "the people are sooo cool" .. and "friendly, willing to help with anything" ... "and the buildings are great" ... and "I even have my own office" .... "it's so safe there - between buildings - they have their own security people .. all over the place" .. and so it went on!

Phew !! Relief for Mom !

..... that's my little girl! A day never to be repeated .. the first day of her first job!


  1. Hehe love that her shoes are already off as she's walking out the garage!

  2. I love the fact that she has her shoes in hand. Now I want to refer back to my comment of yesterday. What did I say? Hey? Hey? LOL.
    Dylan is off to school tomorrow and I can see him come into the house with shoes in hand as well.

  3. Well done Elaine!
    That's great - even with shoes in hand she looks very professional! LOL!

  4. What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats the best news a mom could hear after the first day of a child at work...( not a child anymore, but to us mom's they will always be our children so you know what I mean )

    She looks lovely...can she she couldnt wait to get her shoes off!!