Friday, January 16, 2009

Water-colour moon

Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal
For more spectacular skies visit Skywatch


  1. I love the soft colours of the sky. The light blue / grey as well as the light pinky orange. Never have been to Ballito though.

  2. Beautiful pastel colored sky:)

  3. Oh what a beautiful picture! Reminds me of candyfloss!

  4. Oh wow, so soft and delicate. It has a warm and romantic feel to it. Love the moon too - great capture.

  5. SOON...I will see such beautiful skies when I visit Cape Town...cant wait!!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday Avril, meant so much to me.

  6. Hello Avril

    Yes, my eldest lives in Somerset West, my son lives in Plumstead - I will be between the two am sure...
    Then my mom lives in Noordhoek near my youngest daughter and my sister in Hout they spread around but thankfully close enough to visit.
    My eldest daughter is not married...she is engaged...their baby, my 4th grandchild is going to arrive on 20th Feb...then they will get married when she has her figure back. LOL

    Yesterday my daughter was so upset, a friend of hers who also lives in SSW and is 37weeks pregnant, mom died on impact in a car accident yesterday morning...this was her first grandchild and she never got to see sad, my child was shaken!!

  7. Wonderful scene.
    Soft and beautiful colors. :)

  8. Hi Avril - cool shot. I love moon rises over the sea.

  9. Hello again...

    Yes will be going home for the baby and also my son and DIL had a little boy a month ago, I am going to meet him as well...
    I have a HUGE soft spot for my grandson Eden whom I looked after for two months when in CT a few month cant wait to see him again as well...then my adorable little Amber Lilly...she always wants to know if I've bought her a present!!!!!

    Would LOVE to meet you - will give you my SA number before I leave.