Friday, January 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday ... is coming ...

Watch this space .. the little teeny tiny computer people inside the laptop won't let me download a photo for today!!

.. and need to go to my 'jumpy jumpy' gym, then shopping (food shopping), then do the kiddies pick-up which includes the karate story, back to fetch Connor, back to collect Bradley, take Bradley to a party then hopefully .. take Connor back home with me. I have visions of him wanting to stay at the party which means I would have to stay. No .. not for this Granny/Nan! The party is at a Spur steakhouse - a nightmare for those who do not have little kiddies !!!!!! When your children grow up, a Spur steakhouse is the last place you want to frequent. When you have children it's the BEST place to be. The kiddies LOVE it!


  1. We are Spur people and one day when the kids are bigger, we probably won't be. LOL.

  2. I'm waiting....
    Oh i love the spur as well...their hot veggies are the best!!¬

  3. I agree - the only time we go to Spur now is when we have my nieces with us! But it was good in its day ... I remember the sticky ribs!!