Monday, July 6, 2009

Dancing with Lainey

Carl, Nicole and our little two year old granddaughter Erin, came for the day on Sunday. Because of their work commitments over weekends, we all have to find a mutual day when everyone can be together! It's not that easy and unfortunately (for us) Jeanette and family went to the Johnny Clegg picnic with friends.

Erin would have loved to have played with Bradley and Connor but she had fun anyway ... dancing with Lainey ....

Jumps in 1st position (note her little hands!) Isn't she just the cutest!!

.... and above ... twirling with Lainey!

Erin has always walked on her tippy toes ... a natural dancer/gymnast (added that for Mommy!) :) in the making?!

Erin is tall for her age. She's going to grow up into a beautiful, tall young lady ... .... am so proud to be her Granny!!


  1. She is too cute Avril...I would be just as proud to having such an adorable little one as my granddaughter, her face is full of character.

    Love ballet video's - Aunty has done ballet I can tell ( am a dance teacher so I note these things )
    Let hope DIL sends Erin to ballet little 4 year old is doing ballet at school, I received a whole lot of video clippings of the lesson...they too cute all the little girls in their tutu's.

  2. LOL she's too cute!
    Next time we really have to make a plan... we haven't seen them in ages. I was actually thinking Carl and Nicole should maybe come to the next concert... should be fun

  3. Pretty ballerina!! She's got talent and she's cute!