Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekly Winners : 28 June - 4 July

Brrrr ..... heavy frost on the ground ....

.. and sitting prettily on origanum

"Lemon tree, very pretty ....
and the lemon flower is sweet ...
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat ... "

Playing with boxes ... and string ...

Look Granny ... I'm a tortoise ...

Now ... what would a Weekly Winners be without a 'Granny's Speciality' cake ...
Who could it be for .... I wonder ?
... and what does it say ?....
A belated Happy Birthday .. Jeanette !!!
I had the flu last weekend so a belated birthday cake to our '30 something' daughter !!! Hope it was enjoyed by all ... !!!
Now .. this is my latest fridge magnet ... oh sooooo true ... so true !! :)

For more Weekly Winners go to Lotus' awe inspiring photos as well as everyone else's who contribute - and happy 4th July to all my American blogger friends!


  1. Gosh it does look very cold there - here we finally am enjoying summer...even a little on the burned side this evening after sitting at the pool for 4 hours.
    Hubby went off to Spain today for 6 days...on business!

    I hope Jeanette enjoyed her homemade cake...they always the best!!!

    Glad to hear you feeling better....I cut up onions this evening for my dinner and feel as if I have flu now...LOL

  2. the cake is yummy :) Thanks very much Mom!!
    Love the pic with the frost on the herbs!

  3. That frost does look cold. Brrrr. Yummy looking cake too.

  4. Wow it has been cold in that part of the country, we have had lovely weather for a week now. Love the pictures of the frost. The cake looks soooo good. May I have a slice???

  5. Happy birthday Jeannette! The cake looks lovely, I would not have minded a little taste of it! I see you get a song in your head when you see a picture too? Love the lemon tree pictures! Oh and Connor is my favourite AGAIN!! LOL! Kids can be so resourceful and play with anything! That's great! I hope you're feeling better again, and I love the last picture. So true what it says!

  6. The nights down here has been chilly as well lately. We even had frost one morning last week and thats something that doesn't happen that often.
    ps. I need some cake. I just came out of a stupid meeting at the municipality. Times like this I want to work in the private sector.

  7. What a lovely cake! Can I put an order in for next year? LOL! Your magnet is just the best!

  8. Yum - CAKE! :)

    Boxes are always a great and entertaining pastime!

  9. the cake looks the magnet!!!!