Monday, July 13, 2009

WE love you .. M !!

Have been thinking of my friend, M who hubby and I bumped into yesterday. She felt totally rejected!

She makes the most exquisite dolly and teddy bear clothes! Putting all her passion for sewing into these beautiful little outfits and then sits for hours on end at Saturday markets .. sometimes making a little profit and sometimes not.

There is another lady/cow (wish I knew how to the words with lines crossing them out - Firefly I need your help!) ... anyway this other person also makes dolly clothes and causes such a scene when M sets up her stall at the same market. It has caused a lot of conflict - which I think is childish and stupid .... and over the weekend, M was told to pack up all the little-exquisite-clothes-for-dollies-and-teddies and leave the market!

She did so ... in tears! :(

WE love you, M !!!!


  1. That's MAD! She's been selling there for ages! That's so very unfair!

  2. Why would this cow... I mean lady have a problem with some competition? Why was your friend asked to leave? This is so not good.

    I have the way to do a line at home. I will get it and pass it on.

  3. WE LOVE U M....from blogland!

    How cruel can that cow be, remember in life what you give you recieve, she is going to have her day, no one can be that nasty and get away with it.

    avril, loved all the photo's of the grandchildren, that lovely looking tart ( yummy ) in the last entry...little conner is getting so big....those eyes!!!

  4. Avril, here is how to put a line through a word:
    In blogging, to put a line through, you have to be in HTML mode. Before the line you want to delete, you put the forward and backward carats <> with the word del in it and afterwards you put the same carats, but with the forward slash / inside the carats and the word del. When you go into compose mode, the line will look as if it is crossed out.