Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hubby's been there too ...

A few years ago my hubby, on a business trip, went to Elmina in Ghana and visited the slave castle where President Obama and his family have been to recently.

There must be tons of websites with the story but here are two :

http://today.msnbc.msn.com/ - written one of the journalists who visited the slave castle before the President's visit ..... and http://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/ - mainly photos of the President's visit.

My hubby was very deeply moved by his visit ....
... built, in 1482 by the Portuguese, it was the first trading post on the Gulf of Guinea and then was used for slave trading

Inside the mens dungeons where hundreds of men were crammed together for several months waiting for the slave ships to arrive ... hubby says there is still a sickly stench in there ..

'Door of no return' ... slaves passed though this door to waiting slave ships ..


  1. Wow great blog Avril. Pictures are great.

  2. Must've been very moving to go there

  3. What an intersting place to visit.

  4. When I first saw the picture at the top, I thought it looked lovely...but first impressions aren't always right. Hard to imagine what the poor slaves must have gone through - their only glimpse of that bright sunlight was snatched on the way to the slavers' ships. But the last shot is hopeful - no slaving ships anymore, and calm waters.

    Thanks for your kind comments earlier :)

  5. These pics are great! I have been there too, when I was in Ghana on a mission trip. It was a very emotional experiance.

  6. It does look like the kind of place where the emotions of the ghosts of the past would dwell. I would love to visit this spot.

  7. I saw that yesterday. I had no words for this. Still haven't.

  8. I saw his visit on the news...amazing to see your photo's as I didnt get the whole emotional part of the country the way your photo's have shown.