Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Winners : 5 - 11 July

"Hello, it's me ... 'gain ....

"What dat" I asked my Gwanny ...

"A bird-feeder, she said, made by her friend, R ... nice, hey ?

"... and when I look through a circle, I can count "dee circles" !!!

"My Gwanny said that my cousin Erin came to play the other day but I went with my Mummy and Daddy ... and 'Bladely' to a 'nic nic' /concert so we didn't see her. My Gwanny took lots of photos of Erin ... here she is hugging her 'baby .... ahhh coot" ...

"... and here is Erin drawing with our chalks ... 'Bladely' and 'me' saw all her drawings when we went to Gwanny's house on Monday ...

"Lainey was teaching Erin how to twirl like a ballerina ....

" ... clever Erin ... pointing her toes too!

" Gwanny made lemon meringue pie for 'puddin' ... Gwanny gave some to 'Bladely' on Monday but he said it's 'not nice ... yuk' ! It was 'all gone' when I got to Gwanny's house so 'there was 'none left for me to try! - the grown-ups ate it all ... so maybe it's a grown-up pudding!

"My Gwanny's friend had her 50th birthday the other day ... this is the pretty present she gave her ... Gwanny added some roses (the last before she does the pruning)

"There were floating candles on the tables at the party ...

".... and the birthday cake was a pretty Barbie cake ... (Barbie's are miniature ladies ... with 'boobies' !!) (for those who haven't seen Jeanette's blog post on the picnic/Johnny Clegg concert at Emmarentia Dam .. that's where Connor met Barbie for the first time!!)

" This is Lainey and her two closest friends (R and C) ... they have been friends since they started high school ....
... and here are their mommies - M, S (the birthday girl!) and my Gwanny ...

Here is 'Bladely's' friend, S - they have also been friends since they were born!!! Lainey's friend C is little S's big sister!! (yes ... there is huge gap!)

"Gwanny just had to add this photo .... it's the birthday girl with her twin brother !

Twins turn 50!

"That's all folks ....

Lots of love .... Connor :) x x x mwah! mwah! mwah!

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  1. LOL, love the narration :)
    Looks like the party was huge fun!

  2. Love the narration. My favorite shot was the ballerina twirling.

  3. Fun collection for this week. Looks like a great party.

  4. you captured some great happy moments

  5. Oh what a precious post! What I wouldn't give for a slice of lemon merinque - right now! I think that whole story about the market is so silly! I can't believe the organisers can be so petty!

  6. I love it when Connor tell the story, it looks like a fun week with lots of happy moments! That last picture of him is so adorable! That kid has got such beautiful blue eyes!