Friday, July 3, 2009

Skywatch Friday : Wishing I was there ...

Sunrise over the sea at Ballito, Kwa Zulu Natal.

We have, for the past 20 odd years, gone on holiday at this time of the year to Ballito. It's always so nice to get far from this icy cold Highveld winter for at least two weeks - warms up the bones in the body and gives one extra energy to face the rest of winter.

Hubby and I decided last year, to go to England ... summer there too .. so our bones were warmed by the English summer .. and we had glorious days whilst there with no rain at all!

This year, Elaine has started work (yay!) so we are not bound by school/varsity holidays anymore!! Something of a phenomenon ... amazing after more than 30 years of ALWAYS having to go on holiday with cars filled with parents, and sometimes grandparents squished between excited children whizzing along the highways. Stopping at our customery 'pit-stops' for a quick bite to eat and toilet stops before heading to our destination of warm sun, sand, sea and relaxation!

But this year, hubby and I are going to Ireland in late September .. no warm sun, sand and sea but a fascinating trip, I'm sure!!

Arrgghh! What makes us really mad is that we decided to make our bookings at that time because we were told that Elaine's graduation would be 'sometime in September'. A definite date STILL hasn't been finalised but are now told it may be in early October ... just when we are away!!! How could they do that! It's Elaine's graduation, for heaven's sake, and we needed to be here! She is graduating with cum laude for her Honours in Marketing!!! What an achievement ... and we may not even be here!! :( very sad mommy here!

Anyway - enjoy the sunrise over Ballito .. they really are spectacular. And for more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch


  1. Lovely shots. No rain in England? You should come now, it's the same :) :)

  2. Really hope the graduation won't be while you're overseas!

  3. Oh no after all your planning for the graduation. Maybe it will be later in October.

  4. I know... so frustrating about my graduation. I really hope it's in September... It can't even be late October because of our Capt Town trip!!! and i WILL NOT miss my own graduation :)
    Lets just hope and prey it all works out

  5. Oh what a beautiful sunrise! I really hope the graduation works out! Don't these institutions make you mad? Arrangments always changing! Drat! Will hold thumbs!