Friday, June 11, 2010

Waka Waka .... aaaya ... ay ....

Haven't had a chance to put up photos of this amazing Kick Off Concert, which I took from the comfort of my lounge last night ... and only thought of taking photos towards the end and missed capturing my favourite song ... Waving Flag ... I love it !!!!!! Jeanette has downloaded the youTube video on her blog .. it was absolutely awesome !!!

Shakira and SA's local group, Freshly Ground singing and dancing to Waka Waka ... fabulous stuff !!!!!!!!!! Wow - Shakira was amazing ... she can move that body !!!
Black Eyed Peas were also amongst the fantastic line-up of artists ..

... and then the fireworks exploded ...


  1. yall are having a big time in South Africa....

  2. Wasn't it just awsome! Never been much of a soccer fan, but boy, I've changed my mind and look forward to watching our boys play!!

  3. I watch the concert from the confort of my bed. I was snug and warm and I think they were a bit chilly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Did not watch the Kick Off Concert as of yet. Is on my PVR and waiting, the scenes look good