Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Winners :

Soccer fever has hit South Africa ... and at home ....

... Jeanette keeping her eye on the ball (s) ....

... watch it ... here comes a good kick from Bradley ...

.... what a great kick, Connor ...

.. G O A L !!!! ...

... mommy doesn't have a hope this time ...

Not the greatest of photos but they were having such fun !!
My hubby had his retirement lunch the other day and I was presented with a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers ..... didn't have a large enough vase so had to divide in half ...

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  1. Am so pleased to read you are starting to feel yourself again....makes a huge difference.

    Looks like the boys are having lots of fun kicking the ball with their mommy...boys love soccer and kicking the ball.Good coordination is learned.

    So is hubby retiring soon??
    Love the flowers...spoiled woman!

  2. The flower shot is GORGEOUS! I love the soccer action shots!

  3. Soccer fever! We were watching the opening games of the World Cup and so excited the tournament is in South Africa.

    Congrats to your husband on his retirement. I hope he enjoys the downtime.

  4. Amazing flowers! Cute soccer pics.

  5. LOL! Those soccer photos are priceless! Good Goalie J!!
    Beautiful flowers - when is hubby retiring? Time to enjoy each other and the peace and quiet!

  6. If Jeanette had to host a soccer show it would be called "Boots and all". Pity the name has been taken by a rugby show. LOL!!!!

  7. Soccer fever is every where even here in TEXAS... great photos...