Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conversation with Bradley ...

... the other day whilst we (Brads, Connor and I) were sitting on the small patio table having biscuits and cheese ... (I hadn't had lunch so only had it once the boys were here) ... Connor was having an ice lolly and spreading his biscuit with cheese at the same time ... and then decided to scrape his biscuit along the ice lolly to add to the flavour .... "nithe" with a big smile !!!

me ... this is nice .. we haven't done this before ... sitting outside having a biscuits and cheese

Brad ... yes we have

me ... no we haven't ... well, if we have then I can't remember (that's a good excuse for grannies!)
Brad ... yes we have ... or is like deja vu? !

me ... what?!!! I mean pardon !!!!!

Brad ... deja vu !

me ... do you know what that is?

Brad ... yes Granny ... it's when you think you've been in a place before or done something before but you haven't really ... you've either dreamed it or you've thought about doing it before ..

Clever boy !! He's only 6 !!! No wonder he has the merit badge at school !!!


  1. My word, that is clever! I never knew he knew that word either!

  2. Brilliant, clever boy indeed....