Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Four hands ... flour ... dough ...

... recipe .... yeast ... what were these two doing in the kitchen on Sunday ?

Elaine and Bryan decided to try their hand(s) at making English Muffins as he says that the Woolies ones are not that great. Dashing off to the nearby shop to get the ingredients I didn't have in the pantry .... measuring .. mixing .. kneeding ... it took them hours to make them because of the 'resting' in between to let the dough rise ... twice ! ..... and only then did I think to bring out the camera to capture this momentus occasion! !

.... Looking good ...

... serious business ! :)

.. busy hands ...
.. at last .. time to cook ...

.. and the result ... perfect English Muffins !!!!

They were delicious too !!! We had a taste ... only a taste, mind you .... as Elaine said they were for supper .... so we had to share some with butter and jam when Jeanette and family came for tea !!!
We had them ... for supper ... with egg, bacon, tomato (Bryan and Elaine added cheese to theirs) yummm !!


  1. They look great!!!Well done to Elaine and Brian!!!

  2. Oh I have never tried to make English Muffins. They look so yummy! Well done you two!

  3. good job guys....looks yummy

  4. They look mouthwateringly delicious!!