Saturday, January 9, 2010

Water .. or nectar of the gods ..

My blood pressure has been yo-yo-ing since Christmas and went to the doc yesterday. The same thing happened two years ago ...

Sooo .. doc has given me the same medication as before - don't need it for long .. just to stabilize the BP. It's a diuretic which works immediately and already I am feeling normal again.

Have to go for blood tests (as I haven't had cholestral etc checked for ages now) and also do a 24 hour urine test as apparently there is a gland or something in the urinary tract that can have an affect on the BP. But to do this test, I have to eliminate certain things from my diet for 5 days before 'filling the bottle'.

Glancing at the list, I thought, this will be easy .. until I read 'tea, coffee, coke' ... coke is very easy as I hardly ever drink the stuff .. tea .. only have two cups a day ... and coffee .. only have one cup a day .. so it seems pretty simple.

So what do I drink instead ... the answer is obviously water but I noticed alcohol is not on the list and never thought to ask when I was given 'my bottle' and instructions on what to do! Simple, I hear you say .. but there is also a little tiny bottle of acid that has to be added to 'my bottle' so I have to beware !!!

Citrus fruits and juices are on the list .... as well as vanilla and any foodstuffs containing vanilla ... ice cream ... cakes and sweets ... chocolate ... nuts ... pineapple ... cocoa ... bananas ... avocado.
Wine ... can I drink wine morning, noon and night!!!!! ??

Wine .. water .. wine .. water ... ...... ..... wine !! :)


  1. LOL..u so choice for me here..water it would be..:)

    I have given up all wine-beer etc for the next 3 months, well before my next MRI I have made changes to my diet plan...
    But I feel for u as there are such nice foods u have to give up...I would struggle but thankfully its ONLY 5 can do it...I know you can...
    Glad the pills have already made u feel better.

  2. You can do it!!! Glad you feeling better already. Good luck for the next 5 days!!!

  3. hope everything goes well for you...sure you will be back to normal soon....